But First, Remove the Campaign Tag

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Campaign tagging is a wonderful tool that can track the ROI of your email marketing, how your print ads performed, if your Twitter ads are leading to conversion on your website, and on and on. For a complete guide to help usher you into the world of campaign tagging, visit Annielytics.

I’m not here to help you implement a campaign tagging strategy. I’m here to caution your use of campaign tagged links on social media.

If you, like me, are in charge of your company’s social media accounts, listen up. Let’s say you get an email and find an article in it that you’d love to post to your company’s Facebook page. You click the email link and seconds later, find yourself staring at the full article in Chrome (or whatever browser).

Now, before you copy that link in the address bar and paste it into Facebook, inspect the end of the link for the campaign tag. Find out where it starts, and copy everything in the link up to it. Campaign tags usually begin with “?utm_source=”

Additionally, if you are clicking around within a site, and decide to post an article, you may have to erase the internal tracking link. For example, in the following GovExec link, they are tracking that you clicked this link from the “skybox”.


As with the first link, copy everything up to the ?. So your final link would be: http://www.govexec.com/management/2016/01/judge-reverses-former-va-senior-executives-demotion/125512/

If you’re posting articles from someone else’s site and you really want to screw up their analytics, then go ahead and post a hundred CT links. But it’s really the nice thing to do to remove the tags. Let’s all help each other out.

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