Jan 06, 2014

This week's top headlines in digital news include a Vimeo redesign for faster playback, curved glass cell phone screens, and another development on the internet anonymity debate.


Access the Future Through Curved Glass

For years, technology innovation was halted by one simple material—glass. That was, until glassmaker Corning (the company who makes the “gorilla glass” screens on smartphones) announced a new production method that allows the glass to bend as much as 80 degrees. What does this mean for you and I? Well, for one, it puts an end to squinting in the sun, as it makes the device easier to read in natural light, plus improving battery life, and phones are only the start. This technology will also revolutionize tablets, watches, and the display screen in your car. 


Faster Vimeos, Now on Demand

Vimeo unveiled a new version of its most prized asset: the video player. Not only can you now buy a movie directly from its On demand site, but because the new player defaults to HTML5, this foments 50 percent faster playback


Internet Anonymity of Yore

Gone are the days of ranting and raving under the cloak of anonymity. In an effort to squash trolls, Huffington post announced all commenters will have to link their profiles to verified Facebook accounts and have their real names displayed on all comments. Many were outraged and felt betrayed by the announcement, but Ms. Arianna Huffington herself said “Freedom of expression is given to people who stand up for what they say and [are] not hiding behind anonymity. …We need to evolve a platform to meet the needs of the grown-up Internet.” Do you agree?


 Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital Marketing Associate on Jan 06, 2014

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